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Filet Mignon 7-8 oz
DAVID B. (Weatherford, Texas)

We have given these to friends and family and we ALL love it...a truly great cut of beef!

Tomahawk Grill Master Two Pack
Mandy W. (Valrico, Florida)
So juicy and delicious

I ordered these for my husband for Father’s Day. He grilled them with steak seasoning and butter. They were so juicy and flavorful. The meat was tender and each bite melted in our mouths. Highly recommended.

3 Bone Beef Rib Plate
Gerald H. (O'Fallon, Illinois)
First WB2 order

Ordered the 3 bone plate and a brisket the ribs were excellent after 10 hour low smoke at 230 degrees I haven’t cooked the brisket yet but it looks trimmed to perfection more to come!

Prime Rib Roast
Ronald O. (Denison, Texas)
Always Exceptional Quality

Wellborn 2R beef is always of the highest quality. I like to cut the boneless Prime Rib Roasts into steaks and grill them. I like to smoke the bone-in Prime Rib Roasts. They always turn out great either way.

T-Bone Steak
William W. (Phoenix, Arizona)
Wonderful T Bone Steak

Cook this one over high heat to release the flavor of the bone. It is magnificent!

Top Sirloin Cap (Picanha) Steak
Jacqueline C. (Hurst, Texas)
Was the perfect steak and now my favorite cut.

Picanha Steak was excellent my new favorite cut and will be ordering again. Did not do anything fancy to the steaks and cooked in the oven. Can’t wait to tty them on the grill.

Beef Belly
James D. (Atlanta, Georgia)
Beef Belly

The meat was perfect. I cured it four days, then smoked it in applewood. The meat was tasty and tender

3 Bone Beef Rib Plate
Christopher B. (Medina, New York)
Beef Ribs met every expectation!

Ordered two 3 Bone Beef Rib Plates, arrived on time in WNY in perfect condition. Trimmed up, seasoned with course black pepper, kosher salt and a little garlic powder then on the smoker. Turned out amazing! The meat was so rich and delicious- butter-tender, savory- wow! Order some- you won't be disappointed!

Texas Tomahawk Ribeye
Steak F. (Fort Worth, Texas)
Zero Regrets w/ This Purchase

This steak will exceed your expectations. My humble opinion: this steak was better than steaks from well-known Dallas/Ft Worth steakhouses I have visited.
Keep it up, Wellborn!

Fast delivery ordered
Ground beef 80/20 + sirloin
Both were great

Ribeye Steak
Tim B. (Carrollton, Texas)
New Client Appreciation

Frequently when I obtain a new client, I like to show my true appreciation for their business. The best way to show that is to give something with lasting effect and remembrance value. Nothing speaks louder than a great rich tasting and wholesome Ribeye Steak from Wellborn 2 R Ranch. These steaks are truly a Texas cut above all the rest.

Ribeye Steak
Susan B. (Tyringham, Massachusetts)
Amazing to say the least!

The order arrived promptly after shipping confirmation and they were sent in one of the best perishable package I've ever seen. I followed your chef's recipe and cooking steps exactly and the hubby cooked them on the grill to a perfect medium rare. The flavor and texture of the steaks was unbeatable - delicious and juicy .... and I will share that we've eaten a lot of Texas beef over the years while on many vacations to the Great Republic; this was the best of them all. I am so happy I had the thought to online search and find y'all and your wonderful ranch. You folks do a fantastic job!

Beef Belly
Shawn G. (Walker, Louisiana)

Perfect Beef Belly

Texas Size Sirloin
Victoria H. (San Antonio, Texas)

The very best sirloin I have ever eaten, and I am seventy five!! 😍

Rump Roast
Carolyn W. (Houston, Texas)

I believe this was one of the most tender roast we have had in a very long time. Highly recommend it.

3 Bone Beef Rib Plate
Tom L. (Nashville, Tennessee)
Great Quality

These ribs are fantastic when smoked for 8 hours! Great quality ribs.

Texas Size Sirloin
William W. (Irving, Texas)
Texas Sized Sirloin

We grilled these sirloins and then sliced them into bite-size pieces for a party. The guests loved them. They are very tender with terrific flavor, and a great value as well.

Trim and Tasty Beef Bundle
Martha M. (Wichita Falls, Texas)

Trim and Tasty Beef Bundle

The Bone makes a big difference

The bone-in filet is delicious! As they are cooked together, the bone flavor infuses into the meat, giving it a richness that cannot be beaten!

Wellborn 2R Buck the Ordinary T-Shirt
Wesley H. (Wichita Falls, Texas)
Wellborn 2R Buck the Ordinary T-Shirt

Phenomenal quality of shirt and awesome design!! Really excited to be wearing it and broadcasting what 2R Wellborn are known for!! Eat More BEEF!!!!

Premium Tenderloin Tips
Dobie (Henrietta, Texas)
The easiest meal to make!!!

With 2R beef, you cannot go wrong with Sirloin Tips! Easy prep, simple recipe, and a crockpot!!!
Dinner is done! Unpackaged the tips, I like to cut the tips in half on a cutting board, then season the meat both sides with powdered Italian seasoning, a package of powdered ranch dressing, and a package of powdered brown gravy mix. With crockpot liners easy clean up! I take a four cup measuring cup and add three cups of water, all mixes say cold water but I use hot water to speed the heating of the crockpot up. In the three cups of water I mix a package of brown gravy and a package of Au Ju gravy mix and a whisk well, no lumps, and put that into crockpot. I space one onion and layer the bottom of crockpot and then add on can of sliced mushrooms on top of that. Then I add 2R beef tips on top of that, then another layer of onions and mushrooms!!! That simple!!!! Set crockpot to low and walk away!!! Dinner is served with rice , and steam vegetables!!!! Prep time and is15 minutes or less, you can steam the vegetables while you cook your minute rice and you will have a Wonderful meal !!!

Great product 👌

Tomahawk Grill Master Two Pack
Derek R. (Seattle, Washington)
Real meat

Let's just say in this day and time of Star Trek eating. It's good that some of the original ways have not changed.

Cube Steak
jay B. (Glendale, California)
Awesome Beef

Ground Sirloin , I made home made burritos they were fantastic ! !

4 New York Strip Steaks Gift Pack
Nathan T. (Katy, Texas)
Smoky Perfection: The Wellborn 2R Beef Experience

The 4 New York Strip Steaks Gift Pack from Wellborn 2R Beef was exceptional. The quality of the Texas Black Angus Beef was evident in the marbling and flavor. Cooked on my Traeger, the steaks had a perfect smoky taste and were incredibly tender. Wellborn 2R Beef has certainly exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend their steaks for a top-notch dining experience.

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