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Filet Mignon 7-8 oz

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Indulge in the exquisite taste of our 7-8 oz all-natural tenderloin filet mignon from Wellborn 2R Ranch. This carefully selected cut is a testament to our commitment to quality. With its tender texture, juicy succulence, and remarkable flavor, it's a true delight for steak lovers seeking a premium dining experience.

Our Black Angus beef is raised without antibiotics, hormones, or harmful additives. Treat yourself to the remarkable flavor and tenderness of our all-natural tenderloin filet mignon, and savor every bite, knowing it comes from a trusted source committed to quality and taste.

All Natural Angus Beef

No antibiotics. No added hormones. Nothing Artificial. Ever! Cattle eat a vegetarian diet of top-quality grains, forages and essential nutrients. Cattle receive treatment when needed to restore health, but they are no longer eligible to be in our Verified Natural Beef Program.

Sustainably Raised

We are dedicated to our cattle and respect for the land. At Wellborn 2R we want every animal in our care to "live it’s best life" every day and make every effort in the proper care, treatment, and humane processing of our animals. Additionally, we implement conservation practices that help sustain or improve the environment for future generations. We have better beef, produced in a better way.

Where Food Comes From (TM) Verified

We go the extra mile to ensure traceability of each animal on our ranch – from birth to harvest. All of our cattle are Black Angus breed, age, and source verified, as well as Verified Natural Beef through WFCF’s high standards.
Read more about WFCF here.

The Finer Details

Filet Mignon 7-8 oz Recipes

How To Cook A Steak Like A Pro: Unleashing the Culinary Secrets

By featuring insights from Chef Abdiel Laboy, of Wellborn 2R Steakhouse, Wichita Falls, TX

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
LWachsman (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Great Thank You Gift

We gave 4 7-8 oz Filets and two Ribeye as a thank you for someone helping us with something and they didn’t charge us. So we wanted to show our appreciation and thought what better than amazing beef from 2R Welborn!

Joyce B. (Houston, Texas)
Filet Mignon

Delicious. Best filets we have had in a very long time. Would recommend for any one who loves tender steaks.

Joe L. (Nanjemoy, Maryland)
A stay at the Ranch

There is nothing like walking 75 yards and picking up a fabulous steak and then walking back to the Ranch and throwing it on the grill. Fresh and fabulous!

John A. (Dallas, Texas)

Perfect ever time!
No more Costco!
2R the only way to go for Steaks!

Carolyn W. (Dallas, Texas)
Tenderloin heaven.

The tenderloins that I purchase from Wellborn Meat is the most flavorful and tender cut of meat I have ever had. I am not a Cook, but I am even able to prepare these tenderloin filets and they are the best. We love them. Thank you Wellborn.

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