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Beef Jerky

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4 ounces of super-premium, mesquite-smoked beef jerky. We will leave it up to you to decide, but we like to think of it as “steak” jerky. It's cut into small medallions of beef that are pretty thick as beef jerky goes. It is moist and packed with flavor. It is totally different than the jerky we offered in the past. We think you will really enjoy it.

All Natural Angus Beef

No antibiotics. No added hormones. Nothing Artificial. Ever! Cattle eat a vegetarian diet of top-quality grains, forages and essential nutrients. Cattle receive treatment when needed to restore health, but they are no longer eligible to be in our Verified Natural Beef Program.

Sustainably Raised

We are dedicated to our cattle and respect for the land. At Wellborn 2R we want every animal in our care to "live it’s best life" every day and make every effort in the proper care, treatment, and humane processing of our animals. Additionally, we implement conservation practices that help sustain or improve the environment for future generations. We have better beef, produced in a better way.

Where Food Comes From (TM) Verified

We go the extra mile to ensure traceability of each animal on our ranch – from birth to harvest. All of our cattle are Black Angus breed, age, and source verified, as well as Verified Natural Beef through WFCF’s high standards.
Read more about WFCF here.

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Customer Reviews

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Edward B.
Well beyond pleased

First off I'd like to acknowledge the personal hand written letter that came with my package! This speaks volumes to me bc the company took the time out to write an appreciation note. That makes a person feel important and heart warming welcomed and part of the family. The marketing was on point and as advertised. There were no stock photos as you see in most sells pitches to promote their products. The jerky that I received was well more than enough. It wasn't all fluff and bag. The jerkys texture borderlines soft and yet firm, you can tare it apart with your fingers. It's not like mainstream jerky that you buy from Walmart or gas stations that are covered in preservatives that makes it taste like plastic. The jerky looks like little steaks and chocked full of flavor. You can taste the smoke and all the seasonings in it which is a plus. You can tell that the company is very passionate about what they do and hand select the best. These guys are putting their name on their products and it's very genuine. Am I into sells marketing or anyway affiliated with this company? Answer: NO! Will I continue to purchase future products from this company? Answer: **** YEAH!
PROS: Delicious and satisfying
CONS: There are none except you disagree with their products, every person is entitled to their own preferences into what you are looking for.


I ordered the jerky and it got here so fast! It is 100% addictive and I can’t wait to get more. It’s Smokey and peppery. I loved it.

William W. (Dallas, Texas)
Beef Jerky

I am not exactly impartial as my last name is Wellborn. However, I can tell you that I love our jerky and keep a couple of packs with me all the time. Our jerky is a little different than most. It is thick and almost like eating little steaks. It would be too extreme to bet the ranch that you will like it, but I am pretty sure you will.

Larry G. (Duncan, Oklahoma)


RICHARD G. (Naples, Florida)
Allergic to ingredients

I am allergic to garlic and onion, both ingredients in your jerky. There is no phone number I could locate to call for a return of your product for credit. What are your recommendations? It certainly looked good and I was looking forward to enjoying your jerky. Thank you

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