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Tri Tip Roast

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Wellborn 2R Ranch's All-Natural Angus Tri-Tip Roast (2.5lbs)

Discover the culinary treasure of the West Coast with Wellborn 2R Ranch's All-Natural Angus Tri-Tip Roast. Renowned for its distinctive triangular shape and versatile cooking options, our tri-tip is a cut above the rest. With muscle grain that intricately runs in three directions, this cut not only boasts a remarkable texture but also an exceptional flavor profile that's a testament to our sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Whether you're looking to enjoy it as a classic roast or prefer it thinly sliced into succulent strips, our tri-tip adapts to your culinary vision. Embrace the California style of cooking by searing it on high heat for a crisp exterior, then gently cooking it to your preferred level of doneness. It's perfect for grilling, skillet cooking, or as the star ingredient in a variety of recipes.

At Wellborn 2R Ranch, we're committed to providing you with not just beef, but a gourmet experience that reflects our dedication to quality and the environment. Elevate your dining occasions with our Tri-Tip Roast and savor the unmatched taste of well-raised, all-natural Angus beef

All Natural Angus Beef

No antibiotics. No added hormones. Nothing Artificial. Ever! Cattle eat a vegetarian diet of top-quality grains, forages and essential nutrients. Cattle receive treatment when needed to restore health, but they are no longer eligible to be in our Verified Natural Beef Program.

Sustainably Raised

We are dedicated to our cattle and respect for the land. At Wellborn 2R we want every animal in our care to "live it’s best life" every day and make every effort in the proper care, treatment, and humane processing of our animals. Additionally, we implement conservation practices that help sustain or improve the environment for future generations. We have better beef, produced in a better way.

Where Food Comes From (TM) Verified

We go the extra mile to ensure traceability of each animal on our ranch – from birth to harvest. All of our cattle are Black Angus breed, age, and source verified, as well as Verified Natural Beef through WFCF’s high standards.
Read more about WFCF here.

The Finer Details

Tri Tip Roast Recipes

Grilled Herb-Crusted Tri-Tip Roast with Garlic Butter

Savory Tri-Tip Roast, grilled to perfection with a herb crust and served with a luscious garlic butter.

Tri-Tip Roast in the Oven Recipe

Saddle up for a juicy, oven-roasted Tri-Tip Roast, y'all. Full of flavor, it's a cowboy's dream dinner!

Easy Easter Pot Roast

Easter is a time for family, not for slaving in the kitchen. This Pot Roast will take you exactly 3 minutes to prepare. Let the slow cooker do all the work and you can take all the praise.  

Teriyaki Tri Tip Skewers

Saddle up for some juicy teriyaki tri-tip skewers, sizzlin' on the grill alongside tropical kabobs!

Customer Reviews

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Love it. Cooked up well and tasted great to me.

Collin U. (Dallas, Texas)
Tri Tip Roast - Delicious

Slow and low cooked a tri tip just like a brisket, but obviously with a much shorter timeframe due to size. Excellent!

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