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Wellborn 2R Beef One of the Most Thoughtful Gifts for Father

Wellborn 2R Beef One of the Most Thoughtful Gifts for Father's Day


Wellborn 2R Steaks for Father's Day Gift Giving

“Where’s the beef?” is a question Dad shouldn’t have to ask on Father’s Day. In a nationwide survey, Americans were asked what they think their dad actually wanted for Father’s Day, their answer was simply “a juicy steak.”

While many restaurants remain closed and social distancing is still an important concern, a virtual dinner date with dad is a great option. Shipping all the components of a perfect steakhouse dinner might be the perfect way to mark the occasion.

With more and more people steering away from brick-and-mortar stores and restaurants in favor of shopping online, Texas born-and-bred Wellborn 2R Beef is seeing more people that want to ship Dad his favorite meal. We are offering gift boxes of our USDA prime grade all-natural Angus steaks – a taste of Texas everyone is sure to enjoy. Our excellent customer service is well recognized and we ship anywhere in the continental U.S. 

With more than 25 years of experience in the food and beverage industry, Chef Brian Wilford executive chef at La Cima Club in Dallas, only serves Wellborn 2R steaks to his customers.

“I have been a chef for a long time,” says Chef Wilford. “If someone tells me they have quality beef I am skeptical. But actually, truthfully, the Wellborn 2R meat has its own unique flavor and profile. The quality sets it apart. At the level I am at in my business, I have had some of the best beef in the world and the Wellborn 2R beef speaks for itself.”

To ensure Dad can enjoy these high caliber steaks, we have prepared several special gift packages to fit dad’s grilling taste. All gift boxes include prime steaks that have been personally chosen by our artisan butcher at the ranch, are shipped right from the ranch and arrive in premium packaging and include a hand-written note for Dad.

  • Filets for Father’s Day - Six of their rich and flavorful 5-6 oz. USDA Prime All Natural Tenderloin Filet Steaks. Also known as filet mignons, these are the leanest cuts available, yet marbled enough to deliver full flavor. Steaks of this quality are exceptional.
  • New York Strips and Tenderloins Mixed Steak Box -  An incredible mix of beautiful steaks that’s perfect for gifting the dad that really loves a great piece of meat. Use it for a special virtual Father’s Day get together, and let him save a few for another time.
  • Tomahawks: A Gift and a Memory - Two tomahawk steaks that make for a gorgeous presentation, whether he’s enjoying it with the family or prepping it to show off to his fellow meat-loving buddies on Instagram. These steaks are huge, and about 2" thick, so this one is made for sharing - or leftovers!
  • Griller’s Favorite -  Four classic USDA Prime grade ribeye steaks. Perfectly aged and marbled, great for grill lovers. These will make for quite an epic steak night on Father’s Day.
  • Let Dad Decide: Wellborn 2R Beef also offers gift certificates so Dad can choose exactly what he wants, when he wants.

When you buy steaks from Wellborn 2R you’re also buying a piece of our heritage and history that is as old as the home of our premium beef, raised on their ranch that has been operating for 150 years. And their beef is all natural – no additives, hormones or antibiotics. Just real, hand cut Texas steaks for dad to enjoy.

Wellborn 2R Beef’s Butcher shop is open year-round and offers steaks, roasts, ground beef, ribs & brisket.  

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