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Quality Beef - Wellborn 2R Beef

Quality Beef


Wellborn 2R All Natural Premium Quality Beef

Wellborn 2R Tenderloin Filet Steaks


We say our beef is top-notch. And many of you have told us the same thing. But what makes it that way? Quality starts long before our beef gets delivered to your door. 

When you look at a steak in the grocery store you may be wondering how ours is different. We want to be sure you understand all that goes into each and every cut of beef we offer. 

We Are There Every Step of the Way: We are involved in the production from start to finish. We like to call it a ‘ranch-to-table’ approach since we have control of key steps from genetics all the way to final processing. Not very many brands of beef can say that.

All Natural: That means: No Hormones. No Antibiotics. No Additives. Non-GMO. Just 100% all natural beef.

Grass Fed, Grain Finished: Our cattle are pasture raised for the majority of their life and then shifted to an all natural vegetarian grain diet for finishing. We leave them on grain longer than most operations to ensure that nice buttery flavor that producers. Yes, it costs more, but we feel it’s worth it. We feel our customers deserve it. 

USDA Inspected: All of our beef is federally USDA inspected. For a ranch-to-table operation, that is kind of rare. That is what enables us to ship all over the United States. 

Prime and High Choice Grade: Between our cattle’s genetics and our grain finishing program, our cattle all grade Prime or High Choice. That’s the best of the best. Only about 5% of the cattle in the nation grade prime.

Authentic Texas Ranch: This is history at it’s best, honestly.We raise our black Angus cattle on a 150-year old working cattle ranch. Our cowboys tend to them on horseback. Our cattle graze wide open pastures. We manage them in a sustainable way. When we say all natural, we mean it in every way possible. 

Hand Cut Selections: Every cut of beef we offer is hand cut by out expert butcher in our butcher shop. It is perfectly sealed and wet aged to perfection. Then it is flash frozen to lock in flavor. 

Customer Service: We are all ranch employees working to help provide you the best customer service possible. From answering the phone and emails to putting a special order together just for you – we are here to help you get the best beef in the world delivered right to your door. 

All of those things build the QUALITY behind the Wellborn 2R Brand. Our beef is the kind of ultra high quality product that you can’t find at your local grocer.  So when a friend asks you what makes our beef so awesome – now you know what to tell them. We appreciate your loyalty!

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