Unlock the Secret of Texas's Finest Steaks with Wellborn 2R Beef
Our premium all-natural steaks are the ultimate dining experience. Ranch raised Angus beef that are grass-fed and grain-finished for marbling, flavor, and tenderness that's rare to find. No hormones or antibiotics. Beef that's just better, naturally.
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“Love the steaks from Welborn Beef. They have a burst of flavor not found in any other steaks I’ve fried. They are tender, marbled well and cook up beautifully. So glad to have found this fine company. Thank you for raising good grass-fed beef.”

Mary M.

Delicious Texas Beef!

“I've purchased beef from Wellborn 2R for a few years now. I own a business in Texas and annually at Christmas send steaks to my clients. A lot of those clients are from outside Texas, but you should hear the whooting and hollering over the excellent tasting beef comments I hear back from those folks every year. Wellborn 2R is my go-to for high quality that always pleases friends, clients and family. You just can't go wrong. ”

Tim B.

Beef, Beef and Beef

“These steaks are the best I’ve ever tasted. I live in the Midwest and feel confident that most the beef I eat is good quality. Wellborn Ranch takes it up a notch. These steaks were buttery, flavorful and high end steakhouse quality. I will be buying again. ”


Steakhouse quality

“I was a little bit hesitant to buy a steak on line and not from the grocery store.But I’m so happy I did it some of the best steak I’ve ever Eaten very juicy. I can’t wait to put my next order in. Thank you so much 2r wellborn. ”

Steven H.

The best steaks!!

“Always a treat to order Wellborn Ribeyes. They are perfectly trimmed, perfectly marbled and never disappoint me. I live in So. Cal. and although we have many cattle ranches, Wellborn's quality can not be matched. ”

Randy P.

Randy's Ribeyes

“Perfect ever time! No more grocery store! 2R the only way to go for Steaks! ”

John A.


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