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What is the Wellborn 2R Difference? - Wellborn 2R Beef

What is the Wellborn 2R Difference?

We get a lot of questions about our beef program and what makes it different than other beef buying options. So we have a little Q&A for you:

Q:  "What makes it different than what I can find at the grocery store?"
A: For starters - you know where it comes from, our ranch. Grocery stores have no idea where their beef came from, and often it's not even from the U.S. We have no fillers, colors or preservatives with our beef, while many grocery stores do. Secondly - we start with the best beef genetics available: our Angus herd is in the top 25% of all cattle in the U.S. Thirdly: We have our own butcher shop on the ranch. There are no links in our chain - we are the rancher and the butcher shop and we take extreme pride in every step. 

Q: "Does Wellborn 2R Beef really taste different?"
A: Yes it does. Tasting is believing. In fact, smelling is believing. Our customers that have been used to purchasing grocery store meat and then purchase ours can't believe the difference in smell, taste and texture. From our premium Angus genetics, to our highly refined feeding program and then our aging process - our beef just can't be beat. It's a taste-test winner every time. Our beef is consistently the highest quality.  It not only tastes better - it is also better for you.

Q: "What does 'All Natural' mean?"
A: All natural means: No antibiotics. No added hormones. Nothing Artificial. Ever! And Nature takes it's time. We don't give our cattle hormones to speed up their growth so that means they are in their growing season longer before they are ready for harvest. Longer in the pasture and a longer time on grain diet for the perfect finish. 

Q: "What does 'source verified' mean?"
A: We track our cattle from birth to harvest. Each cow and bull has a tracking number and each calf is tagged with one at birth. We track everything about the calves - from the pasture they are in to their weaning weights and harvest data. No mysteries here. They are all well accounted for. 

Q: "What does 'Grass Raised, Grain Finished' mean?"
A: The first half of their life our calves are raised in the native grass pastures on the ranch with their mommas looking out for them. We wean them when they are about 6 months old and then introduce them to a grain and grass diet, all natural and vegetarian. They are fed the grain and grass diet for 180 or more days until their finishing weight. Our all natural program takes a lot longer than typical programs which greatly enhances the quality of the meat.

It costs a lot more to produce our beef, but we think its worth it and the right thing to do.  We are proud to serve it to your family.

Still have questions? Call us at 940-500-2227 or email us at and we'd be happy to answer them.

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