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What is Cattle Verification? Wellborn 2R Ranch

What is Cattle Verification? Wellborn 2R Ranch's Commitment to Ethical Ranching

At Wellborn 2R Ranch, we pride ourselves on our commitment to responsible ranching practices. We understand the value this holds for discerning beef customers. To emphasize our dedication to ethical ranching and transparent practices, we've partnered with IMI Global, a leading third-party verifier. Their role is to objectively assess our operations, ensuring our customers are confident in the quality and ethical standards we maintain.

IMI Verified Standards: A Mark of Quality Our cattle at Wellborn 2R Ranch are distinguished with the following IMI verified certifications:

  • Non-Hormone Treated Cattle (NHTC): This certification assures that our cattle are processed through approved locations. It's a guarantee that we don't use implants or fed hormone growth promotants.

  • Verified Natural Beef: A common misconception is that seeing “Natural” on meat packaging means the meat has met certain standards. This isn't always true. Our IMI Global Verified Natural Beef certification assures our cattle have never been treated with Beta-Agonists, Ionophores, Antibiotics, or Animal By-products.

  • Breed and Age Verification: IMI also confirms that our cattle are pure Black Angus and are both Source and Age verified. We diligently record calf board dates and apply EID tags to each cattle before they depart from 2R Ranch.

Furthermore, our Where Food Comes From CARE certification endorses our ranchers' efforts in prioritizing animal care, environmental stewardship, and actively supporting our local community.

By sharing this information, we hope to shed light on the importance of cattle verification and set a benchmark for transparency in the industry.


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