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6" Carbon Steel Chef Knife

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The 6” chef knife brings the versatility of a chef knife in a smaller more agile size. A 6” Chef Knife is ideal for anyone who simply feels more comfortable with a shorter blade or has limited space - whether that’s on their cutting board at home or prep station at work. The STEELPORT 8” Chef Knife and 6” Chef Knife have the same performance aspects, handle size, 2” height at the bolster, and blade width. The 6” has a slightly shorter blade and more curve at the tip.
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Blade Length:6"
Total Length:11.5"
Weight:6.4 oz / 181.4 g

Blade Shape

STEELPORT designed the 6” with more curve to the edge close to the tip in order to lengthen the cutting surface and allow the user more available cutting techniques. This results in the unique location of the tip in-line with our finger groove in the choil. A “finger groove” is added to the chef knives at the heel of the blade to allow for comfort and control while holding the knife in the preferred pinch-grip. All surfaces are hand smoothed to ensure a comfortable soft touch to help with long-term comfort without hot spots. This includes rounding the spine of the knife.

Blade Material / Heat Treat

STEELPORT knives have solid one-piece traditional drop forged construction from blade tip to end cap with an integral bolster for a well-balanced and long-lasting knife. Through STEELPORT’s proprietary differential heat treatment, American 52100 Carbon Steel achieves an unmatched 65HRC hardness at the blade for exceptional long-lasting sharpness, while maintaining a softer 30HRC spine for lifelong durability. The bolster and spine are hand-polished smooth for a supremely comfortable pinch grip hold.


STEELPORT recognizes that the size of the knife has nothing to do with the size of the person using it. The 6” Chef Knife handle is the same full size as the 8”, contoured to accommodate any hand, and offering a 2" height at the blade heel for finger clearance. For all handles, STEELPORT uses Oregon Big Leaf Maple Burl, a naturally unique burl wood, stabilized with resin to meet tough kitchen requirements and won’t shrink or swell. Learn more about their unique handles here.

Care & Use

Carbon Steel is for those who take pride in keeping their tools at peak performance through basic maintenance. Carbon Steel knives like STEELPORT are not stain or rust resistant. Day to day, it is as simple as remembering to hand wash and dry after each use. Learn more about Carbon Steel Knife Care and Use.

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STEELPORT Knife Co. is a small team dedicated to producing the finest trusted kitchen knives available. Their work combines premium materials, traditional forging technique, and American heirloom craftsmanship.


Eytan Zias’ career began as a busboy, and he rose through the kitchen ranks in New York City,  before moving to Scottsdale, Arizona. His love of the art and craft of cooking guided him to start sharpening knives for himself and friends, and then to open up a sharpening and retail shop in 2007. He channeled his passion for knives into learning forging techniques and has pursued the art for the last 10 years. As an expert in the field, he guides chefs to the best knives and has heard all the shortcomings of available knives. STEELPORT has been the culmination of all the best features a chef would want in their ultimate kitchen tool.


Dr. Ron Khormaei received his engineering Ph.D. from Oregon State University and has been active in local businesses over the past 30 years. He worked in executive roles with multiple international companies growing global engineering and manufacturing teams. He continues to mentor other entrepreneurs and serves in faculty roles at both Oregon State University and Portland State University. His strong belief in the value and strength of local manufacturing led him to be a co-founder of FINEX Cast Iron cookware in 2012. The success of this premium American-made cookware product highlighted the missing value of an American premium cutlery choice and the opportunity for another Modern Heirloom offering in the kitchens.


STEELPORT Knife Co. believes in craftsmanship without compromise. Each knife we produce has a beautiful individuality only found in handcrafted products that use natural materials. No two wooden handles or blades can have identical grain patterns, and each knife will patina a little differently over time, telling a story of all the meals it has helped prepare.

We hold every product we make to unwavering, extremely high quality standards, so STEELPORT Knife Co. offers a Lifetime Warranty for all products through proper use.

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