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Steakhouse Staff Comes to the Ranch - Wellborn 2R Beef

Steakhouse Staff Comes to the Ranch

We have always felt it's really important to know where your food comes from and the process involved. The ranch has been producing cattle and beef for Americans for 150 years, but we started the beef business several years ago because we saw great value in producing premium beef using sustainable land management practices, all-natural cattle care and feed program and cutting the beef in our own butcher shop with extra care in every detail. The end result is worth every little step along the way.

Wellborn 2R tomahawk steak

Earlier this week we hosted staff from the Wellborn 2R Steakhouse in Wichita Falls and the Jackdaw's Restaurant (Inside Dallas/Fort Worth Marriott Hotel and Golf Club at Champions Circle) in Fort Worth. Both locations are owned by O'Reilly Hospitality Management, who shares our vision for holistically produced and locally sourced beef. Their leadership staff sees great value in connecting the people that are going to be serving the steaks to customers with the chefs, butchers, herd managers and ranch staff on site at the ranch to learn more about our beef.

Wellborn 2R Steakhouse Chefs Darshon and Laboy

Wellborn 2R Steakhouse Executive Chef Abdiel Laboy prepared our tomahawks for everyone to try. Sous Chef Darshon Haines recently join the W2R Steakhouse team and he made an incredible beef bourguignon dish out of our stew meat.

Ranch manager and butcher Shane Crafton visits with the staff

The W2R ranch's Shane Crafton and Tony Dunkerly were on hand to visit with the guests about the ranch's history, our breeding and feeding program, our butcher shop and our hands-on approach every step of the way that truly sets our beef apart from anything else on the market.

Tony Dunkerly visits with the staff

Everyone enjoyed their time at the ranch - eating amazing food and learning about the process involved to make the beef so incredible.

New head chef at Jackdaw's restaurant in Fort Worth

Steve Meilinger (L), O'Reilly Hospitality Management Regional Director of Operations, and Tony Dunkerly (M) visit with the new assistant manager at Jackdaw's in Fort Worth that recently came on the team.

CHef Laboys Tomahawk

Chef Laboy prepared TWO show-stopper tomahawks for everyone to enjoy. He used his Steelport 8" Carbon Steel Chef Knife to perfectly slice the steaks for serving. Chef Darshon with his beef bourguignon dish.

Chef Darshon wowed everyone with his beef bourguignon dish made with our stew meat. It was so incredibly tender and flavorful. We had to get his recipe and he graciously shared it with us. You can see it HERE.

 CHef Darshon visiting with OReilly staff about the dishes they prepared

Chef Darshon visiting with restaurant staff about the dishes they prepared.

O'Reilly staff sampling the dishes.

Jack Daw restaurant staff sampling the delicious dishes.

The great weather had everyone wanting to eat on the porch with a great view.

The beautiful weather called everyone outside to enjoy their food on the porch with a great view overlooking the ranch. 

It was a great afternoon enjoyed by all. And a very tasty way to learn about our beef. We highly recommend both restaurants - Jackdaw's in Fort Worth and Wellborn 2R Steakhouse in Wichita Falls. And as always, you can also have our steakhouse quality steaks shipped right to your front door. 


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