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Ranch Life at Wellborn 2R Ranch - Wellborn 2R Beef

Ranch Life at Wellborn 2R Ranch

Ranch Life at Wellborn 2R Ranch

Ninety miles northwest of the high rise buildings of Fort Worth lies what could be the edge of the last of the Wild West frontier. It’s a place where low rolling hills share unbroken horizons back dropped by spectacular sunrises and sunsets. We call this place the Wellborn 2R Ranch.

 As temperatures begin to change in the fall and spring at the ranch, a blanket of fog often covers the low lying areas at sunrise.

In addition to being some of the best grazing land in the nation, our well-maintained grass covered ranch lands filters rainwater that flows across the ranch to provide a cleaner, more abundant supply of water in Lake Arrowhead, an important water source for city of Wichita Falls.

 We stock our cattle lightly to promote dense grass growth. The grass filters the water before it hits area creeks and reservoirs.

Our ranch lands also provide valuable habitat for livestock and wildlife, along with jobs and economic benefits from the sale of agriculture products and byproducts. We are proud to supply consumers with an American Born and Raised superior product from right here in Texas. We regularly open our gates to family and friends and want to share some of the ranch scenes.

Cattle roam freely and graze the wide open ranges of our ranch.

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