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Legacy of the Land - Wellborn 2R Beef

Legacy of the Land

Chisholm Trail
Situated near the Red River in north Texas, the Wellborn 2R Ranch was established near the famous Chisholm Trail, a cattle trail that was active from 1867-1884. Most Kansas-bound cattle on the Chisholm Trail cross into Indian Territory at Red River Station in Montague County, just a few miles east of the Wellborn 2R Ranch. At Red River Station, trail drivers would pay their taxes, have their cattle dipped and inspected and bough supplies in nearby Spanish Fort. 
Cowboys at Red Driver Station on the Chisholm Trail in 1870

Cowboys at Red River Station on the Chisholm Trail in the 1870s getting ready for the trip north to Abilene, Kansas. 

Today, the Wellborn 2R ranch is made up of two main tracts - the original Scheer Ranch and the Priddy 2R Ranch and encompasses 8,300 acres located near the town of Henrietta, Clay County Texas. The location just happens to be almost dead center of the distance between the East and West coast of the United States. Like other ranches in Clay County, the Wellborn 2R ranch is the ideal place to raise Black Angus cattle and Coastal Bermuda Hay.
Wellborn 2R Ranch brand

The two tracts of land that make up the ranch each have amazing stories to tell of pioneers that traveled west to realize their dreams. It’s a tale of cowboys and Indians, of a murder and burial on the ranch, of a poor farm including its own jail house to manage the indigent, of a prominent business man and his wife, Robert and Ruby Priddy, whose name the southern portion ranch bares and who left a for - tune via The Priddy Foundation to the city of Wichita Falls, Texas. And finally the realization of a dream of its current owners, Chris and Joan Wellborn, to invest in the ranch and preserve its culture and beauty.

D E Reese Priddy Ranch Clay County Texas

D.E. Reese was the manager of the Priddy's 2R Ranch for many years. His son, Earl Wayne, has been managing the ranch now for over 50 years.

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